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We provide a range of Trade Credit insurance products and risk management services for mid-market businesses, large corporations, multinationals, and Financial Institutions

  • Insure domestic and foreign accounts receivable under a simple, comprehensive policy with non-cancelable limits
  • Flexibility to cover a) the insured’s entire portfolio of accounts receivable, b) just the largest exposures (“Top Accounts”), or c) more restrictively a few or single account ("single buyer") policies; structures generally include risk sharing in the form of co-insurance and/or deductible
  • Minimum premium of $20,000 and sales of at least $10M for corporate clients apply
  • Non-payment cover for short-term trade related receivables, payables, loans, and letters of credit financed by established Trade Finance bank and alternative lenders

??Global Financial Institutions that provide financing of trade flows

? Mid-market companies across all sectors with a well-managed stable accounts receivable book

? Multinational companies trading through multiple entities worldwide

? Large corporations with strong credit management fundamentals


Preferred Risks

Non-Preferred Risks


Broad-based chemical and petrochemical

Agricultural chemicals


Global and regional banks financing

Non-investment grade banks


Computer hardware and software

Tech concentration to Chinese market


Both human and animal pharmaceuticals
are targets



Manufacturers and distributors


Client Risk Solutions (CRS)

Online policy management tool, Global Limits, as well as advanced online credit risk management tools and third-party collection services offered




One of the broadest networks among non-cancelable limit credit insurance carriers licensed in 70+ countries; supported by AIG Multinational tools and services




? Highly-experienced and industry-leading global claims team

? Over $2B in global claims paid over our 35+ year history