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  • Designed for clients with domestic and/or international business travel
  • Covers individuals for entire trip duration and includes emergency assistance services to assist in the event of medical, security, or travel related incidents
  • Where available, coverage can include non-employee travelers, i.e., non-employee board of directors, guests, spouse/dependents (standard) and be expanded to business and pleasure (24 hours/365 days)
  • Multiple multinational program structures available to ensure a BTA program is tailored to a client’s specific structure and needs
  • High individual limits and aggregates available to meet most requirements
  • Out of country medical, medical evacuation/repatriation (standard) and security/natural disaster evacuation coverage can help organizations satisfy duty of care requirements
  • Minimum group size/premium: generally, five employees/$1000 (these limits may vary by state)

? Comprehensive solution for organizations of all sizes, exposures and complexities

? Broad appetite across all industries and segments


Target Clients

Key Offerings

Defense, Consulting, Energy, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical,
Higher Education, Aerospace, Airline, Manufacturing, etc.


? Those with high travel exposure, international travel and/or exposure to high risk locations

? Clients requiring a comprehensive solution to cover employees during business travel

? Large travel concentrations or aggregate requirements (e.g., conferences)

? Clients that need to meet Defense Based Act coverage requirements

? Clients with corporate owned aircraft exposure

? AIG Travel Assistance services

? Controlled Master Program structure available

? War Risk Country coverage

? Security Evacuation coverage

? Out of Country Medical coverage

? Integrated Travel Assistance website/app

AIG Travel

AIG Travel Assistance comes embedded with the BTA program providing an end-to-end comprehensive coverage and services solution. Worldwide medical assistance connects clients and their travelers to a provider network of 650K+ while AIG’s in-house Global Security Operations Center utilizes a global network of 400+ security professionals to monitor security situations and assist worldwide




AIG is among a select group of carriers with the ability to structure a BTA Controlled Master Program that includes local coverages in countries where required by regulation, and where many clients have exposure. AIG utilizes our global coverage network in 215+ countries and jurisdictions to deliver multinational capabilities




Clients are provided a dedicated online assistance website and downloadable AIG Assist mobile application which provides pre travel information and emergency contact capabilities. In addition, clients have the ability to enhance their program through Travel Tracer, a platform for active traveler management