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  • Guaranteed cost and loss sensitive programs
  • Various classes: Aerospace related operations
  • Small Business workers’ compensation Unit (ASWC): minimum premium $2,000 industrial aid, $3,000 aerial applicator, and $5,000 fixed base operator. Guaranteed cost only. Auto renewal
  • Middle Market Workers’ Compensation (WC) Unit: no minimum premium

Broad risk appetite inclusive of most Aerospace related operations – industrial aid, aerial applicator, fixed base operator (FBO’s), private and commercial airports, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO’s), aviation manufacturers, charter/air taxi, firefighting, offshore oil/gas, emergency medical services, search/rescue, forestry, powerline and pipeline patrol, ground handlers, passenger services, airport security, airlines (legacy, regional and cargo) and many other aerospace related operations. (Undesirable operations: flight schools, blimps, balloons and skydiving).


Preferred Risks

Non-Preferred Risks

Ground Handlers

? Established operator with proven track record

? Stability in management

High percentage of part time workers

Fixed Base Operators

Small operations to large operations

High percentage of flight instruction operations

Industrial Aid

? Established flight department

? Business jets

Non-dedicated/unknown contract pilots

Air Charter/Taxi

Passenger and cargo operations

Older aircraft and high percentage of contract pilots

Airports: Private and Commercial

Robust risk management and safety culture

? High employee turnover

? Large number of volunteers

Client Risk Solutions (CRS)

With the availability of industry experts, including risk engineers and consultants, data scientists, catastrophe modelers and crisis response specialists, we partner with our clients towork to reduce their total cost of risk




Committed to delivering world-class multinational expertise, solutions and service to clients in a globally consistent and seamless fashion through one of the largest global networks in the industry, spanning 215+ countries and jurisdictions




? Claims are handled by AIG Claims, Inc.

? A dedicated team of workers’ compensation claim adjusters, claims offices, and panel attorneys located throughout the U.S.; our claims account representatives have the flexibility to partner with our clients to tailor a claims handling protocol to fit their needs