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Protecting People

A suite of consulting, data analytics and educational tools protects business’ employees and clients from accident, injury and disease.

Our casualty risk consultants combine decades of industry-specific expertise, data-driven insights and the power of technology with best-in-class service to deliver the right solutions to manage and prevent risk. This is all designed to help clients assess their risks and pinpoint those safety loss drivers that have the greatest potential impact on their business and employees. Our risk consultants will help identify areas for risk improvement, develop action plans and design evaluation methodologies to assist clients in finding solutions that help their organization reduce risk.


Providing industry expertise

We have experts spanning virtually every industry whose purpose is to support clients in minimizing risk and achieving their strategic goals. Our team of casualty risk consultants has deep industry expertise and risk management experience.

Delivering data-driven, benchmarked and targeted opportunities

We turn big data into smart data to help identify laser-focused, cost-effective risk management opportunities. AIG has invested significant resources into our data analytics technology and personnel to better measure and benchmark clients’ large data sets.

Delivering outcome-based, strategic solutions

Our team of experts can help clients identify opportunity gaps and implement a plan to address those gaps thereby improving safety and reducing the total cost of risk.

Providing partnership-based advocacy

No two organizations are the same. We take a partnership-based approach to address the particulars of a client’s business. Risk consultants work closely with a client’s safety and risk management leaders to understand their operations and methodologies, provide guidance, and develop effective solutions by way of collaboration.

Success Story:
Security Challenges

Terrorism, Active Shooter, Workplace Violence:? Security challenges surrounding mass casualty events are at the forefront of many clients’ minds.? Whether clients are doing enough to protect their people and property has as much to do with safety as it does with liability. This is particularly true now that businesses are more aware of the risks.? Even with awareness, spend on anti-terrorism and related measures has a challenging return on investment equation in light of competing budgetary needs.? AIG helps clients assess the risks which will most directly affect them and their people, putting security challenges in perspective.? With innovative work such as the “Stop the Bleed” bleeding control program and the SAFETY Act, recent release of our SMARTBlast modeling tool and other analytics and modeling platforms, AIG brings all potential solutions to bear to help clients be more informed and face security challenges head on.

Success Story:

A global distributor of electronic parts was challenged in their attempt to reduce manual material handling injuries in their distribution centers. There was inconsistent safety practices and training at their warehouses across the continents. CRS risk consulting created a standardized safety program and conducted safety training at several, key facilities.? Management was also trained to consistently manage risk and training. Within 9 months the severity and frequency of work-related material handling injuries was reduced more than 20%.


Client Centric Analytics (CCA) turns data into actionable insights by evaluating and analyzing a clients’ exposure to various risks such as supply chain, fraud, cyber, terrorism and natural catastrophe’s as well as attritional losses. CCA can pinpoint loss drivers, improve safety and ultimately reduce the total cost of risk across industry groups. CCA provides our customers with risk management solutions that take them from initial insights through to custom analytics, risk mitigation and event response services. All this is geared towards helping drive down our clients total cost of risk.


Benchmarking and mitigating losses

Whether we’re dealing with property, liability, security or operational related risks these services can help to establish insights to our client’s exposures, identify root causes of losses and show how clients benchmark against industry peers in the market place. Once exposures have been identified custom analytics can then allow us to quantify these risks in detail to support insurance or strategic risk management decisions. Where possible risks can be further mitigated either through encouraging a change in people’s behavior to improve safety or through the implementation of physical risk reduction measures that enhance the resilience of a client’s assets and operations. All in all this provides an end to end risk management process that helps our clients stay in business.

Success Story:
Simple equipment fixes in the Retail sector

Through a detailed client claims analysis, AIG identified that same-level falls were the leading type of injury driving claims severity. Further text mining then revealed that the use of “trolleys” – a mechanism used by sales assistants to move goods - was most commonly associated with severe fall claims, which were also 12% more expensive on average. Based on this information, the client took measures to improve trolley equipment in order to reduce accidents.

Success Story:
Hospitality claims analysis and room design

AIG examined 5 years of a client’s data and uncovered a concentration of risk in the housekeeping department. Text mining of housekeeping related claims uncovered a frequency of injuries related to making beds and changing sheets. Armed with this information, the client’s risk management team is now modifying future room designs to ensure a safer workspace for housekeepers.

Success Story:
Safety technology for Construction client

A client was interested in new safety gloves that were believed to reduce finger, hand and wrist injuries, but was reluctant to change equipment due to high cost. AIG assessed the overall cost of finger, hand, and wrist injuries to be approximately $10 million over the past 5 years. Drilling even further into specific project types and classes of laborers, AIG could help the client calculate the potential return on investment and pilot their investment into the safety gloves on projects where laborers were at greatest risk for these types of injuries.

Success Story:
Entertainment and employee injury

We analyzed employee injury claims of a national live entertainment client, by performer, show, location, injury, and even day of the week, and then custom designed – and are now launching – a prevention and mitigation program, targeting a 20% reduction in annual loss costs.

AIG is a recognized leader in commercial fleet safety risk consulting. Our team of consultants stays abreast of the rapidly changing technology landscape and partners with our clients to adopt safety focused policies, procedures and technologies based on their individual needs and resources.


Expertise, analysis and risk mitigation

Our global experts are recogniszed fleet safety professionals with decades of experience including Certified Safety Professionals. We perform loss trend analyses to identify major loss categories considering both accident frequency and severity. We work with clients to develop risk mitigations strategies to reduce the likelihood of, for example, rear-end collisions, unsafe lane changes and intersection navigation, collision claims resulting from poor reversing techniques and general safety awareness relative to distracted driving.

Benchmarking, insights and improvement

We leverage industry leading data to benchmark client losses against best-in-class performance. Our data warehouse includes many years of AIG data and other third party data sets that in combination allow holistic comparison within industries, geographies, asset classes and driving behaviors. By weighing the impact of public information relative to commercial vehicle crashes, vehicle inspections, driver qualifications, driver fatigue and controlled substance scores we obtain powerful insights into fleet risk and compliance which help our clients execute on improvement strategies.

Client safety services
We help clients by offering a multitude of services based on client preference and internal resources, including fleet safety assessments, policy reviews, driver hiring practices, regulatory compliance and many more. Our goal is to elevate and sustain supervisor and managerial focus on safety culture, compliance requirements and best practices.

Leveraging technology

We employ a range of online tools such as driving assessments and e-learning in addition to other innovative vehicle technologies including? telematics, in-vehicle cameras, collision mitigation and lane departure warning systems. We work closely with clients to develop crash prevention strategies designed for their unique fleet requirements.

Success Story:

Client Risk Solutions (CRS) Risk Consulting worked with a social services client operating a fleet of passenger vans to improve fleet safety through the use of telematics. The client needed a tool to accurately identify speeding, unauthorized personal use and harsh driving (rapid acceleration, cornering & braking). After partnering with CRS to select a telematics vendor and create an implementation plan, the client successfully identified their riskiest drivers, established procedures to track driver coaching effectiveness and assign appropriate training to reinforce safe driving skills. By taking this comprehensive approach, the client reduced speeding incidents by 28%, unauthorized use by 32% and harsh driving by 21%.

Success Story:
Commercial vehicle safety

We helped our truck driving client adopt collision mitigation technology in their 6,500 vehicles.? It combined LIDAR, RADAR and audible notifications to detect and alert drivers to potential hazards and take over the braking of the vehicle in emergencies if driver reaction time was not sufficient. As a result, the numbers of rear end collisions dropped by 17.5% and the frequency rate of rear end collisions per 10 million miles dropped by 25%.?

Success Story:
Driver safety training reduces claims

CRS Liability Risk Consulting group partnered with a 600 unit fleet to develop a strategy to create and sustain a systematic, documented driver safety training program.? CRS trained the client’s seven regional safety supervisors as Certified Smith System Instructors.? This “train the trainer” approach enables clients to maximize their training resources for optimal outcomes and prudent cost control.? To date, approximately 70% of their 600 drivers have completed documented training in safe driving best practices.? Over time, it is conservatively estimated the driver training initiative will reduce claims by a minimum of 5% representing a claims reduction per year of ~$200K.

We have developed a suite of innovative online worker safety eLearning resources for AIG policyholders.


Company-wide training potential

AIG provides liability policy holders with access to a web-based system that provides access to training, best practices and more, to help improve their risk management practices. This gives our clients the ability to implement company-wide best practice training programs on workplace health and safety as well as fleet safety and regulatory compliance.
AIG’s clients can access an extensive and growing library of video and downloadable materials in different areas, and some in a variety of languages.

Monitoring and tracking performance

Administrators can easily assign training to employees and monitor progress. All training videos include quizzes to test understanding and provide clients with an audit trail for compliance purposes, including which employees have successfully completed which modules with the dates and scores.

Flexible and cost effective

Mobile versions of these resources are available free on the Apple iOS and Android App Stores, enabling training to be taken any time and place. This means that staff can learn flexibly at their own convenience while significantly reducing clients’ costs of health and safety training.


Success Story:
Company-wide training program

A large regional engineering company needed to implement an employee safety training program with detailed recordkeeping for regulatory and compliance purposes.? Client Risk Solutions provided access to RiskTool Advantage allowing the company access to a wide variety of worker safety topics, with a powerful integrated tracking and a reporting engine that provided detailed reports showing who took which courses, their quiz scores and printable certificates of completion.

AIG has been a recognized leader in healthcare risk management for more than 20 years, helping hospitals, senior care facilities, clinics, and other healthcare facilities reduce their risks and improve their patients’ safety.


Assessing, and improving, healthcare practices

Using decades of claims and industry data we have developed a range of evidence-based tools to assess the risks within clients’ facilities. We can then benchmark clients’ organizational performance against industry standards, provide a gap analysis of strengths and areas for improvement and partner with healthcare clients to implement improved practices. Meanwhile we develop best practice assessments for areas of particularly high risk such as perinatal, perioperative, behavioral health, long term care and emergency departments.

Sustaining improvement

To help clients sustain this improvement with better outcomes for their patients and their organizations, we identify key performance indicators, monitor progress against these indicators and provide streamlined reports for managerial review.

Building safety culture

We believe synergy – a clinical or leadership assessment process in conjunction with an assessment of culture – is the most effective way to improve the safety practices of our healthcare clients. Our patient safety experts can assist in enhancing a culture of safety by designing a detailed safety culture survey, identifying cultural weaknesses and providing ongoing consultation and support in implementing positive changes.

Improving patient safety

In addition to on-site or virtual visits by risk consultants, our eSolutions resources center delivers a series of patient safety webinars and a set of videos in topical areas such as Infection Control and Prevention, High Reliability and Patient Partnerships, for clients to use as springboards for discussions with their teams to build their safety culture, improve patient safety and reduce their overall cost of risk.

Success Story:?
Workers Comp

We worked with a mental health clinic that had poor Workers Comp performance due to workers being struck by patients. Management had been focused on training of staff and physical restraint of upset patients. When our consultants worked with management and looked deeply into the losses we observed that the client was actually hiring staff who had a propensity to act out when challenged. When we worked with the client to improve screening and hiring practices, Workers Comp costs were reduced by more than 25%.

Success Story:?
Birth related injuries

Birth-related injuries account for a significant portion of major losses in hospitals.? Our patient safety consultant worked with a large community hospital to identify opportunities for improvement in the care they provided to patients in labor. Following our Best Practice Assessment, the hospital instituted an internal quality review process to evaluate the fetal monitoring strips allowing for earlier detection of potential problems during labor. The client had a measurable reduction in the severity of their claims the following year.

Success Story:?
Elderly care

Caring for elderly patients with chronic diseases and disabilities brings many unique risks such as pressure ulcers, falls and elopement of patients with dementia. AIG risk consulting worked with a client to assess their recruiting, screening and on boarding processes for nurses’ aides with limited healthcare experience. Our recommendations led to a partnership with a local school for nurses’ aides and a series of checklists to ensure the competencies of those caring for some of the most vulnerable patients.

Client Risk Solutions (CRS) staff trained in aviation risk consulting can perform Safety Management Systems reviews to identify the efficacy of a client’s safety policies and procedures, safety risk management, safety assurance and safety promotion. In addition, we can review a client’s Risk Register and evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of their incident/accident reporting and existing risk control measures. We can also provide this service via desk-top analysis. Our deep understanding of the aerospace industry allows us to be a valuable strategic partner in addressing our clients’ risk management needs.


A strategic partner

For more than 70 years, AIG has provided innovative aerospace insurance solutions for nearly every type of industry using aircraft, from agriculture to space. Our aviation professionals will work with you to customize coverage options that can help minimize risks and maximize safety – to help keep your operations aloft.


Aviation risk management expertise

Our loss control professionals work with many airlines, airports, corporate flight departments, maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO) companies and fixed base operators. We collaborate with clients throughout the world, reducing their losses, enhancing their risk management controls and mitigating employee injury costs by reducing lost time and medical expenses.

Tailored loss control services worldwide

Our team is skilled in reviewing Airport Operations Management including:

  • On-site terminal reviews and local air traffic procedures along with navigational aids maintenance.
  • Maintenance, repair & overhaul practices/policies including stores management, parts quarantine and tool control processes.
  • Airside ramp operations with specific emphasis on efficient turnarounds and significant reduction in 3rd party aircraft damage.
  • Passenger screening & transportation security including physical airport perimeter security measures.
  • Aircraft refueling procedures to ensure safe uncontaminated fuel is uploaded.
  • Emergency response procedures reviewed to ensure incident control is well managed along with business continuity and Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) hazards and controls including adequacy and frequency of training.

Terrorism and Active Shooters

CRS Risk Consultants can also provide consultative service for Terrorism Risk Management and Active Shooters.

Studies show that Product Liability defense costs and verdicts are often higher than any other type of claim. And for many industries, the direct and indirect costs of a product recall push losses even higher. To help our clients prepare for the product liability risks of today and tomorrow, our Risk Consultants collaborate with our claims and underwriting teams on our clients’ true product liability exposure.


Scrutinizing potential claims

We analyze a range of common and uncommon challenges including warnings and labelling, complaint management, quality control and training. We scrutinize them from a potential claims perspective, putting ourselves in the shoes of anyone who may encounter the product, to assess how the use, misuse or abuse of the product might lead to an unfortunate event.

New and emerging exposures

We are constantly monitoring and sharing information with our clients on new and emerging exposures, such as how smart connected products constantly exchanging information can create new and shifting obligations for companies, new toxic exposure scenarios and evolving regulatory and legislative influencers, or what 3D printing means to supply chain concerns and the potential liabilities.

Tailored client support

We conduct in-depth product liability exposure analyses for clients across their entire company and product line(s), or we deliver more focused support such as helping clients prepare for specific claims scenarios. We can evaluate the implications, potential exposures, and recommended solutions in the light of a newly reported exposure pathway or litigation trend.

Modeling and online tools

Strong product liability risk management includes using all the information at your disposal, including big data. AIG’s supply chain and business interruption modeling can turn data into insights to better understand upstream and downstream exposures due to natural and manmade factors. AIG also provides online management tools like product safety videos and tutorials to round out our client specific, face-to-face solutions.

Success Stories:
Increased product liabilities

Our chemical manufacturing client wanted to take more control over distribution and storage.? We conducted a thorough investigation into how they would become more responsible for product quality especially during storage and shipping when products are susceptible to degradation.? We worked with the client to ensure they had stronger contracts with third party providers and stronger quality controls in place as they moved further along the supply chain.

Success Stories:
Product claims analytics

We helped a consumer goods company conduct a root cause analysis of its product liability claims.? We then worked with the client’s internal claims team to discover and implement opportunities for improvement.? These included highlighting troublesome products and components so the client could take a closer look at supplier quality and overall design issues, and developing better strategies for claims handling to reduce the amount of time claims were open and improve internal reserving processes.